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We are unrelenting, rebel genius innovators creating cool and easy to use technology.  We come from varied backgrounds and experiences.  Some of us wear sweatpants while others wear suit and tie but each of us are hell-bent to motivate and recognize every employee on EARTH.

Ya, ya, ya.  We know; it's a large goal but that's who we are.  




Born out of a chance meeting in Nebraska in 2013, our Co-Founders Collin Caneva and Clinton Carlos knew then what we know now - the current system of engaging and recognizing employees was broke.  Combining the talents of a human motivation expert and the founder of a gaming platform, AMPT was created to provide recognition AMPt-lified on the largest of scales.

We make technology and solutions that motivate every employee at every level of every organization.  We are AMPT.




When it comes to recognizing values and living them out: we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.  

We live, breathe, eat, drink and click away on computers, all about these values.  We teach our clients how valuable real core values are for them and these are ours.