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In 2023 you need a unique, customizable, and evolving tool to meet the unique demands of retaining and engaging your entire team no matter where they are and what they're up against.

That's why we've added some brand new features and integrations to help you do just that. Sign up for a DEMO today and see what AMPT can do for your culture.


New AMPT Features and Integrations

Communicate. Everywhere.

Now more than ever you need to communicate important updates and information with your team immediately and wherever they are. Our integrated communications platform allows you to connect and communicate everywhere your employees are.

Actionable Cutting Edge Reports

Trusted usage on AMPT leads to a reporting engine that can spot employee attrition trends before its too late, monitor overall and specific group engagement levels, provide insight into who motivates who, as well as best-in-class data exports that allow you to own your dataset.

HRIS Compatability

With our growing library of HRIS + AMPT integrations you can instantly update your people information on AMPT without having to duplicate your efforts.

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Why choose AMPT?

Satisfaction and productivity rises
Motivation to maintain and improve good work increases
Retain and attract top talent
Improve company culture

Change Your Culture Starting Today

AMPT's recognition and engagement platform is a powerful tool to help you transform your culture..

Technology and Features from Day One

Here is a current list of the AMPT features that come "out-of-box" with your subscription.

Reporting Tools

Get detailed analysis on employee and departmental engagement to learn how your teams live your culture.

Core Values and Strengths

Use your company’s core values and your co-worker’s strengths to provide personal, and meaningful recognition. The difference is, ours are effective.

Employee Information Directory

Just like standard directories, but better. Learn more about your employees, recognize them quicker and get quick access to their contact info when you need it most.


AMPT custom games allow for you and your entire team to get to know each other through fun, short, and interactive games. *Available on AMPT mobile app only


Everybody has surveys. So we do too.

Employee Profiles

Help acclimate new employees faster during onboarding with our employee profile section. Ask custom questions of your team to get to know them better.


Connect AMPT with your most common applications such as email, company Intranet, critical business systems, as well as popular tools like Slack.

After you sign up for your DEMO of AMPT, equip yourself with info to make an informed decision


Mary Lanning Case Study

Learn how this large midwestern Acute-care Hospital and their leadership increased their engagement scores by over 6% in their first year using AMPT.

AMPT-Recognition-Ebook-PDF Download

AMPT E-Book Guide to Recognition

Don't know where to start? Want more information about the fundamentals of engaging and recognizing your team for what matters most? Start with the AMPT Guide to Recognition.


Nebraska Pulmonary Case Study

Read the case study about a Pulmonary clinic experiencing rapid internal growth and how AMPT and core values connected their team together through everything.

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What to expect

Recognition is the #1 driver of engagement — but it doesn’t end there. See how a partnership with AMPT will drive actual retention and engagement results.

  1. A quick call (or email) to understand where you are in your employee engagement and retainment journey.
  2. A connection to a product and engagement expert to walk you and your team through the entire platform and identify next steps.
  3. A free, no-strings-attached, One-Month Demo of the full platform. Forever free mode engaged after that.
  4. Take-aways and information to help you take the next step — and determine if a partnership with AMPT is right for you

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