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know that success requires a thriving culture of motivated individuals all working toward a common mission, vision and purpose. Yet, very few employees even know their company’s core values, and less than 1/3 of all employees are engaged at work. 


AMPT helps to transform organizationS in two ways:

  1. By giving leaders a highly effective yet simple way to influence and motivate employees without spending too much time doing it. 

  2. By giving employees positive feedback every day, and empowering them to contribute in ways they haven't even though of yet.


Features tailored for you

  • Seamless integration to systems you already use

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  • Revolutionize the way you communicate across all levels

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With AMPT, your team can log in and immediately begin recognizing their peers (we call it "nudging").  It's easy to do and keeps your team focused, motivated and aligned across all departments, floors and even space. 

Every employee at every level of your company can not only use AMPT to connect with your values but they also get to know their teammates better which fosters a fun and engaged workplace.  Your team will also begin to explore the many other features of AMPT that engage each and every one of them.


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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you're one of our monthly subscribers you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time.  You'll just need to give us our standard notice for cancellation. There's no hidden fee's or penalties for cancellation.  

What do you consider an "employee"?

Anyone who you think can benefit from using AMPT and would need a login ID & password to access AMPT would be considered an employee.  

What does "customize" mean?

It means that we shape AMPT around your hospital or medical center.  From new ideas we have or ones that you've already created we can build AMPT around those needs (sometimes this costs extra, sometimes it doesn't).

Can I pay monthly?

Absolutely.  We try to make our pricing options as easy as using AMPT.  If monthly doesn't work for you, and you're prefer to pay annually - we can do that, too!

What if my number of employees change?

We work alongside fast-growing companies and grow as they do. If you enter more employees into AMPT(congrats), just let us know!  We increase the rate according to the plan you've subscribed to. On the other hand, if you lower the amount of employees who use AMPT, then we will reduce the rate the following month as well.

How much time will my employees spend on AMPT?

On average, our users spend less time on AMPT than they do at the, uh, well, hmmm "lavatory".  Make sense?  In other words - not much at all!

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