5 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day was created with the intent of strengthening the bond between leaders and employees as well as celebrating the efforts of their staff. Organizations would be wise to partake in holiday celebrations as it is a simple way for employers to prove they value their staff. Through our vast experience celebrating employees, we have listed 5 of […]

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[UPDATES] The Site Tour

AMPT is the easiest way to recognize your employees in their moments of greatness and we just made it even easier. From our users, we’ve learned that making AMPT as easy and fun to use is the most important part of your experience.  That’s why we created the AMPT Tour, designed to take you through […]


It’s Not Personal

“It’s not personal, it’s business” Whoever started that phrase must’ve been a heartless being and I call bullshit. Anytime one puts their heart and soul in to something, it becomes personal, and no one’s going to convince me otherwise. I’ve been passionate about business and setting my ideas in to motion for as long as […]

Blog Header – How Netflix Reinvented

How Netflix is Reinventing HR(again).

Full disclosure here: I’m a workplace culture junkie.  I am. I admit it.  I also feel you deserve some context so that term doesn’t sound so….well….strange. I used to coach baseball and I was pretty good at it.  There’s something about building a team towards a singular goal that was so worthwhile.  The payoff wasn’t just […]