We’re sorry but real change takes time

We’re sorry but real change takes time

Two years ago I was lucky enough to work with a client in healthcare as they underwent some semi-significant cultural changes. A regional hospital with over 500+ employees, a history that dated back to 1895, countless stories of doing good for patients and their families, and a laundry list of amazing employee benefits that any […]


Check out our very own Craig Spilker at DisruptHR

Recently our Chief Strategic Officer, Craig Spilker, spoke at the initial DisruptHR event in Nebraska.  His topic?  You guessed it: recognition. But this isn’t your average “speaking event”.  This is DisruptHR, a worldwide HR movement designed to provide speakers and attendees with a unique experience.  Speakers are required to speak for no longer than 5 […]

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[UPDATES] New Admin Features

Don’t you like new things?  Well then you’re going to be excited with the newest Admin features designed to make your AMPT lives easier, get more valuable insight from AMPT, and make the most of your experience with your employees. Key features we’re excited to release: Multi-media Bulletin Editor Help Video Tours Themes Nudge and […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day was created with the intent of strengthening the bond between leaders and employees as well as celebrating the efforts of their staff. Organizations would be wise to partake in holiday celebrations as it is a simple way for employers to prove they value their staff. Through our vast experience celebrating employees, we have listed 5 of […]