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Bryan Heart

The proof is in the performance. I have had multiple employees’ comment that they were impressed with how simple it was to get started and how they have already learned about amazing things that are happening with other members of our team. Recognitions in the first month alone were double what we had been seeing in the previous months. It's not a one size fits all and it's like AMPT really get's our culture.

Ty Westover Bryan Heart

Redirect Health

"When we launched initially people were kind of skeptical. Wondering What is this? This is just some new thing you're trying to get us to do. But once people started using it and getting engaged with the software, it just took off like wildfire." We have had AMPT for a year and a half now so it's almost hard to think about what it was like before. But I would say our culture has always been helpful and friendly. AMPT has only helped amplify it.

Doug Houvener Redirect Health

Mary Lanning

Recognition is absolutely tied back to employee engagement. And a highly engaged work force is a more productive work force that creates a safer environment. For me, I think recognition is vitally important to our success.

Eric Barber Mary Lanning


AMPT has had a great impact on our team. I think it's added a lot more visibility to our team on how we recognize and how we appreciate people for the projects they are working on. I think using AMPT is definitely our way of moving forward. It just adds a sense of engagement and visibility across the team that shows how much you are invested in your team members.

Adi Kunalic Opendorse

61% of AMPT users since using our app feel...

more valued by their employer and are more likely to be motivated and do their very best.