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This is about people.


You have core values, you've done some type of strengths assessment, but how are you and your employees held accountable to those values and strengths? Yep, we do that.

AMPT is the easiest, most effective way to recognize your employees in their moments of greatness. With our instant, social recognition platform, you'll connect your team and build your culture, all while making a real impact with the most important asset in your company, hospital or organization - its people .

Bring your core values to life and have a little fun doing it, too. Bring them AMPT.


Some of what AMPT does


The most impactful recognition is immediate. From employee analytics to instant notifications about new recognition: AMPT is always on.


We've developed AMPT so that you don't have "one more thing to log into". Our developed API can tie into your most common and important applications.


Increasing engagement can be as simple as putting a name to a face. AMPT allows you to get to know your team or access critical info fast.


Not only can we customize AMPT around your culture, but we can also create unlimited surveys to fit your critical feedback loop.

How it works


Whether you work in Healthcare or a spanking new tech startup - we can help align your culture and gain valuable insights along the way.  Learn more about our recognition platform by selecting which version of AMPT fits your needs most and we'll do the rest. 



A proven approach to improved behavior that affects quality, safety, and patient experience for the entire organization.

PERFECT FOR: Hospitals, Medical Centers, Behavioral health organizations and more.


Bringing large and diverse groups, functions, and distributed workforces together as one voice, one purpose, and one community.

PERFECT FOR: Companies or organizations with more than 1000 employees.


A safeguard for the culture, vision, and values that got you this far, providing a way to grow, scale, and track them. 

PERFECT FOR: Startups and businesses with less than 1000 employees.

Real results. Real companies.