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Send Moods

The only immediate customer feedback and employee recognition tool around.

Send Moods is a powerful and friction-less tool that allows you to track the emotions (or moods) of your clientele with the touch of a button and allow positive feedback to be shared with those employees that made it happen. Through a series of smiley faces, individuals can quickly select a "mood" that best represents their recent experience.

Feedback. Fast.

Send Moods is designed to get consistent feedback from your customers or patients through the use of our highly familiar "moods". With a few touches of the screen, you'll have instant, meaningful feedback.

Spread the Word

When positive recognition is shared on your AMPT platform the entire team shares in the good news. Build both employee and customer engagement.

Alert the team.

When feedback is submitted, your team is immediately notified. Negative feedback is automatically shared with your customer service teams to get in front of bad feedback and positive feedback allows for specific employees to be recognized in the moment.

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Easy Set Up

Kiosks set up for you or download the app yourself.

Actionable Insight

Various Reports and dashboards designed to gain valuable insight to make real decisions about how to build your employees up through customer feedback.

Connect to AMPT

Connect directly to your AMPT platform to recognize your employees in the moment.

Alerts for all

Immediate alerts and notices to never let a patient or customer leave unhappy again or recognize those employees who get that positive feedback.

Social share

Sharing directly from your AMPT platform helps improve your online rep through broadcasting to your connected social media accounts.

Simple Failsafes

Ensure your feedback is always accurate with our simple security, support and Send Moods failsafes.