Admin: Creating Groups

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Groups on AMPT

Creating, updating and deleting groups on AMPT are very simple. On AMPT 'Groups' are used to easily recognize groups of people, or search or sort certain reports or search results.

**Any group you create as an admin from the admin portal is seen and can be used universally by all employees on your AMPT.

For context, on AMPT groups are considered any number of employees whom you (as an admin) want to categorize and put into specific groupings for various reasons. These groups can, as an example, be location based for different locations inside your organization, or can be role or team based like 'Departments.'

You can choose to name, edit and update all of your categories of groups as well which gives you total control of how your organization is grouped.

After logging into your AMPT and accessing the Admin portal (**only admins who have access to 'Groups' will see this tab) you can then begin creating, editing or deleting groups.

Clicking on the 'Create' or 'Update' button will bring up a modal or pop-up and this is where you can edit existing groups or add a new one.

You will need to add a name for this group as well as adding a category type. This helps search efforts where groups are used.

After you have created your category name and type you can then add other important details and employees to your group.

To add employees to the group just search for their names in the 'Profiles' section. You can add as many as you like to each group. Please note: If you have large groups to add you can do so from our 'CSV' bulk upload section.

Once you have the correct name, category, and profiles added to the group click on 'Save' for the group to go live. Keep in mind: any group you create as an admin can be seen wherever groups are used.