AMPT Polls

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Ever have a simple or fun question you want to ask your team but lack the ability to do just that? 

Well now you can with ‘Polls’ inside of the Admin>Bulletins section. 

Create a poll with up to four possible options for answers. Your employees will see the Poll inside their activity feed and be able to ‘Vote’ and see the results immediately. 

Create a Poll

Create a poll from the Admin>Bulletins>Create section. Create a bulletin as you normally would and towards the bottom of the pop-up box you will see the “Poll” and “Enabled” box. 

Check “Enabled” and you will see Question + Response options appear. You can have up to four response options for each poll question.

Polls on AMPT Bulletins

Once your Poll question is posted it will appear wherever bulletins appear including the activity feed, bulletins tab, as well as your mobile AMPT apps. 

Everyone can vote once by simply pressing on their desired option response. If selected by the Bulletin/Poll author, your employees will see the results of the poll immediately. 

By accessing your Admin>Bulletins>Poll view (below) you can also see the results in real time by selecting the blue “View Results” button.