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Match your organization's appreciation style with Nudge (Recognition) Types

Every organization has different needs when it comes to how they choose to recognize their team. That's why we created Nudge types.

Within the Admin Nudge Types portal you can keep customize your entire team's recognition experience by creating new types of recognition, adding core value icons, and adding core value behaviors (and much more) Below is a description of how to do this:

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General  Nudge Type Settings

While you are at this screen you can customize the wording or categorical names for each type of recognition.

Out of box, these are the names for each of them:

  1. Recognition with Core Values: Values
  2. Custom Recognition Type: Performance
  3. Recognition for Celebratory Moments: Celebrations

Like many other features on AMPT, you can change and customize each of these Nudge Type names. Just click in the box and save to change and update the names.

*Note* Just because you change the names - it does NOT mean anyone will see the 2nd and 3rd types of recognition until you add new cards (below). *

Recognition with Core Value Settings

The Core Value settings and options now include several options to maximize your core value recognition. Below are the options to customize and the steps and ways to do just that.

Creating, Updating, or Deleting.

First you can create a new core value, or update your existing core values. Regardless of which option you choose, the settings are the same for either step. Deleting any core value will permanently delete the value.

Settings for Creating or Updating Values

  • Name: Create or edit the name of your specific value.
  • Short Description: For core values this setting will only show up in a few places. Specifically in the Core Value Widget area. You want to put your Core Value statement/description in the Description area (below).
  • Description: For Core Values THIS Is the section you want to put general descriptions for anyone recognizing or having been recognized for this value. You can see this description show up in many places including: During recognition on app or web, on reports, on widgets and more!
  • Manager Only (optional) If you click this box you will only allow those managers who have a report-to to send recognition for this core value.
  • Behaviors (optional): If you click 'enable' you have the option to add behaviors that recognition-givers can elect to include in their core value recognition. This adds more layers to your recognition and studies show this can have a lot of value. Behaviors will also show up on reports.
  • Icon: Include a custom icon for each core value.
  • Color: Include a custom core value color.

Custom Recognition Type Settings

The Custom Recognition Type is designed to give you complete freedom and control around any type of non-value-based recognition that you find valuable.

This could be performance based, job-specific type of recognition, or special cultural "awards" type of recognition. You could make these more fun in nature or serious. Either way - you have the control.

Custom Specific Settings.

The settings and options for the Custom type of recognition versus the values-based recognition are virtually the same between the two types.

The major differences with custom types settings are that you can upload your own custom recognition activity feed card.

The image size should be no more than 1200x400 pixels for best results on both Mobile and Web views. The image will show up behind the profile image of whomever is recognized so keep that in mind.

Additional Settings and Important Info

  • The image card that you add will show in the activity feed for both mobile and web views and it will be different than that of a traditional core value based moment of recognition.
  • All custom types of recognition still contribute to AMPT scores, and other reports just like other types of recognition.
  • Notifications for custom types are also the same as all other types.


Celebratory Recognition Type

The Celebratory Recognition Type feature on AMPT recognition is all about moments your team can celebrate with each other.

You can upload, edit or delete specific celebration moments throughout the year. Feel free to make them about how your organization "celebrates".

Some examples of "Celebrations" that AMPT users us:

  • Individual Birthday notices (so peers can "recognize" their peers for Birthdays"
  • Individual Work Anniversary Notices (so peers can "recognize" their peers for Work Anniversarys". NOTE: this does not replace the automated birthday or anniversary announcements on AMPT.
  • New Years
  • Holiday's
  • Special Days of the Year
  • Organization specific celebratory moments

For ways to Add or Delete cards, please view the above steps as everything for the Custom Recognition type is the same as the Celebratory type.