Who’s Who Game

AMPT Games

Fun games to help engage your team from their mobile devices

We created a game and it’s simple, and fun, and another way to get to know you and your team better. Plus. who doesn’t like a fun “work game” every now and then? 

From your mobile devices only (see app links above), you can access the AMPT games by clicking on the "Three bar" setting at the far right of your AMPT App nav bar.

You'll see the option in the list for Who's Who. Click on it and you can begin playing between two options for games.

The two games? There’s the ‘Faces game’, which tests your ability to know who is who based upon profile photos, and 'About me' which uses profile information to test your knowledge of important info about your teammates.

Each game allows you to get to know your team and teammates better and asks quizzes you on information your team provides in their bio. Only answers that are live on Users AMPT Bio will show up! It takes only a few minutes.

Your scores are for you and you can play only so many times per day. For Admins: on request we can provide team scores for those who have played the games.