Slack App

Install the AMPT Slack App


After clicking "Install the AMPT Slack App" button, you will need to login to AMPT

Once logged in, click the "Add to Slack" button

Select a channel for nudges to be posted to and click "Allow"

Success! The app is installed.


Nudge - Give a Nudge from Slack


/nudge Teamwork @NickJames Good job on the thing with the stuff!


Field Type Description
Who would you like to recognize? String The person or persons who you want to send recognition.
Nudge Type + Type Dropdown String Select the type of recognition you want to give and select its value or specific type.
What would you like to recognize someone for? String Describe why you are nudging user.
"Nudge Added, Thanks!"

"Missing required fields"

"Invalid Command"
"User Does not exist"
AMPT - Get User Profile


/ampt profile @NickJames


Field Type Description
profile String The data command that you wish to request
useroptional String Optional user for request, default is yourself
Some User, Title

Score: 227

Nudges given: 15

Nudges received: 13

"Missing required fields"

"Could not find user on AMPT"

"Invalid Command"

Logging into your Account once in Slack

AMPT - /Login