AMPT April 2nd: Updates Version 3.2

Web + backend improvements

  • Anniversary + Birthday comment notification: when someone makes a comment on your or someone else's birthday or anniversary cards - they will know about it!
  • Anniversary + Birthday department notifications: get important notifications about in-team birthdays and work anniversaries. 
  • URLs in nudges and profile fields are now clickable links: insert links into any nudge!
  • Speed improvements & pesky bug fixes


  • User Tagging: now you can @ your team right from your mobile phone!
  • Hashtags: Insert hashtags into any comment or moment of recognition and see those that are trending!
  • Lightbox: Tapping images will make them fullscreen.
  • News Card: Get RSS and News updates right from you mobile phone.
  • Updated card backgrounds to match web
  • Read more button for longer cards