It’s Not Personal

“It’s not personal, it’s business” Whoever started that phrase must’ve been a heartless being and I call bullshit. Anytime one puts their heart and soul in to something, it becomes personal, and no one’s going to convince me otherwise. I’ve been passionate about business and setting my ideas in to motion for as long as […]


Three Simple Ways To Create More Work-Life Balance

Working for a startup company can be taxing (just like any company). There’s always a lot of pressure to get the next contract signed, keep the paychecks flowing, and consistently generate innovative ideas. Someone is always coming up with the next great idea and competition is always knocking on your door. So how do you […]

Recognition That Works : Infographic

Recognition Matters: An Infographic of Why

Recognition and the lack thereof is one of the most significant drivers of poor engagement scores. In fact, according to Gallup, employees who aren’t regularly recognized, are twice as likely to leave their current positions in the next year. That’s why we took the time to ask our valued AMPT users what impact recognition on […]

The AMPT Business Buzzword Challenge 2017

In the spirit of the March Madness that started this morning, we are offering you a chance to choose the winner (or loser) of the most overused business terms. We all use them (some a little more than others) but nothing is more fun than a mock bracket to choose our favorite. All you have to […]